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    We supply a wide range of Auto Door Elevators, which is made of high grade raw material which have auto
    doors that enhance their longer life and trouble free performance. Our products are highly acclaimed
    by the clients for their excellent performance, quality, strength and low maintenance.
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    We Manufacture and Supply Premium Range HCS-P01, HCS-P02, HCS-P03 & HCS-P04 elvators that is made of
    superior quality raw materials like stainless steel available in custom made sizes, designs
    and finishes and that can be configured easily in modular designs .
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    We are the leading names involved in the manufacture and supply of the high quality of the capsule and panoramic
    elevators. Our Range of Panoramic Capsule Elevator consists of Single Side Glass Cabin, Three Side Glass
    Cabin Semi Round Glass Capsule Elevator and Round Glass Capsule Elevator.

Welcome To Siddhi elevators

We are taking this opportunity to introduce ourself to you. We belong to Royal Elevators & Regal Elevators family having installed more than 1000 Elevators & now we are introducing latest technology with the new name SIDDHI ELEVATORS. We at SIDDHI ELEVATORS have a team of experienced staff. We maintain our elevators as well as other companies Elevators in & around Mumbai. We alone have installed more than 650+ Elevators as of now.

Our Main Motive Is Quality and Safety Which has helped us to achieve the Standards of Traditional Companies. We have a Collective Experience of More than 35 Years in Maintaining elevators in More than two decade of experience in installation of elevators. We Have all the Modern Technology To gurantee you prompt and efficient services for your elevators.


With a vast industry experience, we are able to offer quality Elevators, which are in compliance with set industry standards. Apart from the quality forgings, some of the aspects that make us a clear cut choice of our clients include the following:


At Siddhi Elevator, we design systems that are made for hard, intensive use. Our conveyors, elevators and fittings are able to withstand heavy loads from day one and for a long, long time to come.


At this moment, conveyors and elevators from Siddhi Elevator are in use all over the world. Some machines have been in use for more than 30 years and are still in good condition.


Requirements always vary. The things you need are dependent on your business area and the size of your production. Siddhi Elevator has three product lines: one for smaller facilities, one for large facilities, and one for facilities which operate daily.


Our delivery times are short as we work with an optimised assembly flow and stock production, i.e. efficient production control. All our products are well packaged and labelled clearly when delivered so as to facilitate handling.


There is a major risk of accidentally mixing crops, but thanks to our smart design we have almost eliminated this risk completely. There is nothing we can do about the human factor, but thanks to our technology the risk is reduced considerably.


Each and every function and detail in our systems and software is designed to make users’ lives easier. With innovative solutions, everything can be performed easily and efficiently.

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We Advice You On the Best Option For Your Building

We Maintain Our Elevators as well as Other Companies Elevators In & Around Mumbai. We alone Have Installed More than 650+ Elevators As Of Now.

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We Advice You On the Best Option For Your Building